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That is our story when we came to Phu Quoc Pearl Island surveyed more than a decade ago.

Located in the primeval forest of Phu Quoc, next to the table rock stream, we wish to make this an ideal resort space for visitors to enjoy the charming painting with beautiful natural scenery In the midst of a forest, a poetic rock stream! And that is why Maison Du Vietnam is born!



Located next to majestic mountains, stretching with Da Ban Stream. A stream with a very beautiful and unspoiled waterfall in Phu Quoc! Maison Du VietNam Resort & Spa appears as a harmonious picture of nature and friendly with the environment. With rustic and simple Thuan Viet architectural style such as banyan tree, water wharf, lotus lake and old wooden house…. The purpose is to guide visitors back to natural life.

With high-class services up to 4 * standards, Maison du Vietnam is an exciting stop for visitors to explore Pearl Island. Coming to us, visitors are completely dedicated, wholeheartedly and enthusiastically served by a staff of more than 50 people who are well trained and specialized. In the coming future, Maison Du Vietnam continues to improve further to develop sustainable business associating human values and the mission of preserving and developing Vietnamese culture. At the same time, we strive to contribute to the development of the local economy here, and contribute a small part to the overall development of Vietnam's tourism industry.

Types of luxury resort rooms

Types of luxury resort rooms

Our luxury resort room types: Economy Room, Bungalow Garden View (Double & Twin, Tripble, Family), Bungalow View Pool (Double), Apartment Vila Garden View.

Each room is a high-class bungalow, designed as a complete house with the main material of wood, creating an elegant, cozy Asian space spread evenly in the green garden and filled with fruits of the resort. Every early morning, visitors can cycle or wander along the roads to enjoy the fresh air that only when arriving here, enjoying how wonderful visitors feel.

You see, the entire map of Phu Quoc is like a chicken drumstick, conquering the pearl island is not like other marine tourist destinations. Here, when coming, we will find a quiet and beautiful Maison du VN 4 * resort to relax, then we take turns to conquer famous places from the South of the island such as Hon Thom, Hon what Nail island, the world's longest three-wire cable car, Phu Quoc prison, star beach, sunset sanato ... Then return to the resort for the journey to conquer the North Island (Vinwonder + safari + fishing village of Rach Vom, Nguyen Trung Truc temple, watching the border of Cambodia) of the next day. Thus, from the center, Maison Du Vn resort is an advantage so that the distance to conquer the locations is not too far, ensuring the health of relatives of visitors' families, especially small children. Have fun but healthy!


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