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Dam What - Wild beauty captivating

Hon Gam is located in the South of An Thoi Town (Phu Quoc City, Kien Giang). On the shores of the Gulf of Thailand, is part of an archipelago of 17 small islands. This place is extremely unspoiled, there is not much human presence. For those who love islands, enjoy a life close to peaceful nature. Then Phu Quoc Gam Island will be a great choice for you

To get to this "deserted Gam Ghì island". The only way is to hire a boat from An Thoi or Bai Sao ports depending on the time. However, you should note that renting a large boat to ensure the safety of the whole family. Do not save a little money and then regret it! Take the train to the Gam Ghi Island Phu Quoc island. It only takes about 20-30 minutes but on the way. Visitors can admire the wonderful natural beauty of the immense sea. Visitors will be fascinated by the blue sky and blue sky. Gentle waves embrace the lonely deserted islands in the An Thoi archipelago

What makes the wild and attractive beauty of Gam Ghì island? That is:

Clear sea water shows the bottom

The sea has little waves because it is shielded by many surrounding islands. Gam Ghui waters also have many rocky outcrops with many unique shapes.

Gam's island coastline is more beautiful than ever when surrounded by colorful coral reefs. The coral reefs are so close to the shore, so dense that just face down in the water is visible.

This is also the coral sanctuary of the southern pearl island of Phu Quoc. So when you come here to have fun, you should also pay attention not to touch, break the coral branches! Each year they only grow 1cm long so let's have fun together. But also protect this precious resource offline!

A special thing about Hon Gam is that there are many large rocks here. With bizarre shapes, creating an impressive scene. The waves of the waves rushed to the rocks, causing the foam to bounce off white. Make the scene more wild and majestic

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Coming to Gam Gam island, you can shake off the stress and worries of everyday life to fully enjoy the moments of being in nature, playing with the gentle and cool waves. In addition to the "specialties" in the blue and white sand, the peaceful pristine space, the beautiful coral, you can experience fishing, catching nibs, sunbathing with your friends ... "I have to prepare a seafood barbecue party" home-grown "by myself or snorkeled right under the coral reefs near the shore because the seafood here is so much and plentiful.


Note, however, that fishing tours are not suitable for people with a history of motion sickness. In addition, you should only visit areas that have been exploited for tourism, absolutely do not go to forbidden forests or places that are too untouched. Bathing is an activity not to be missed when coming to Phu Quoc, but you should not bathe at noon or soak for too long, you will easily get heatstroke or cold, making the journey interrupted.

Anyone who has come to Hon Gam Ghi is nostalgic about not leaving such a wild and beautiful island paradise. Then, when you return to the crowded narrow town, you will always yearn to return to this place, where the ocean is immense and the sound of peaceful murmuring waves. However, that is just a highlight of the pearl island while Phu Quoc has countless interesting things waiting for you to explore.


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